With your diagnostic flat to easy Fueling & Pacing

You have so far estimated your nutritional needs in triathlon with rules of thumbs?
You can do better! Start with your individual fueling & pacing strategy - our app and test kits support you!
Train smarter. Race stronger.

How do you do your Fueling & Pacing for your races?

Here you will find out how it works!

Make your life easier with the BESTZEIT app

The BESTZEIT app tells you exactly how many carbohydrates and nutrients you should consume at which point in the race and what pace or power you should choose to achieve your goals.

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You answer these questions with your Fueling & Pacing

How much do I sweat?
Track your sweat loss in the BESTZEIT app to find out how much fluid you need to consume under different conditions
How much salt do I lose?
Determine the sodium concentration in your sweat with our sweat diagnostic kits - depending on your current fitness level
How much carbohydrates do I need?
Determine your training zones, VO2max, VLamax, and your performance-based carbohydrate & fat needs with our eDiagnostics.

Learn how Fueling & Pacing
works for you

What our athletes say

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Pro triathlete
Svenja Thoes
"The team of BESTZEIT is incredibly helpful with questions around the topic 'attaining best times' in training and competition."
Andri Frischknecht Mountainbike
Pro Mountainbiker
Andri Frischknecht
"The sweat analysis helped me to apply the right nutrition strategy for each competition."

What our customers say

Results, Results, Results, ...

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