The 4th discipline

BESTZEIT takes the guess out of nutrition

Importance of the 4th discipline:
Comparing the single disciplines, your nutrition (carbohydrates, sodium loss and sweat loss) has probably the greatest impact on your race result. Nutrition can make or breake you on raceday - see figure.
So are you still guessing your individual needs or already measuring it exactly based on easily available data?
Our promise: 
We don't work with algorithms - we found a solution to handle athletes data and integrate it in your daily training routine.
We believe that training smarter and racing stronger is possible - everytime everywhere.

Beat yourself and be first in the following topics

Topic 1/4:

Your individual sodium loss


Sweat diagnostic kit

With our sweat diagnostic kit, the Sweat Pack, you can easily analyze your sweat during your workout.

The core of the Sweat Pack is a scientifically validated method which was originally designed for sweat testing at home.


If you have participated in an IRONMAN® or already have a sweat diagnostic kit you can get your free shipment label here:

Get your free shipment label
Topic 2/4:

Your individual hydration strategy


Your sweat profile

Depending on the type of sport, climate conditions, your training level and whether you train indoor or outdoor, your sweat rate can be up to 4 liters per hour.

We will take all the parameters into account to provide the most individual support possible.

You can start to create your personal sweat profile in the BESTZEIT App to get the most precise hydration strategy on race day.


Topic 3/4:

Your individual fueling strategy


Carbohydrate tests

Knowing your carbohydrate combustion is necessary in order to ensure your fueling during training and on raceday. Every second athlete is using a not optimally adjusted nutrition and hydration strategy.

Experts tip: You'll also be able to pace your race knowing your carbohydrate combustion.


Topic 4/4:

Your individual pacing strategy


Pacing based on race course

A proper pacing strategy takes into account your individual parameters such as carbohydrate combustion, sodium and sweat loss.

We will map all your data to your specific racecourse and align it with the weather conditions on raceday. Enjoy the peace of mind and eliminate risks by using rules of thumb.



Now is the time to train smarter

„Now is the time to tune the details.
Now is the time to baseline your personal best.“

Sebastian Kienle
3x IRONMAN® World Champion



National artificial intelligence prize Winner 2021

We are proud to announce that BESTZEIT won this years artificial-intelligence innovation competition of the ministry for economy, employment and tourism in Baden-Württemberg.

The purpose of this competition was promoting and supporting the acknowledgement and application of artificial intelligence in the middle class.

We convinced with our AI-intention called "SmartFuel", to provide ambitious amateur athletes eHealth support when it comes to fueling and pacing.

Results, results, results,...

What our athletes say

The team of BESTZEIT is incredibly helpful with questions around the topic 'attaining best times' in training and competition.

Svenja Thoes Pro Triathlet

The sweat analysis helped me to apply the right nutrition strategy for each competition.

Andri Frischknecht Pro Mountainbiker

You can easily see how your values develop through the whole season especially when it comes to different conditions like humility, temperature, ...

Sebastian Kienle Pro Triathlet