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Deliver expected results at the finish line by getting individual sweat insights and checking out the most precise diagnostic services.
Integrated into your daily training routine you are able to level up your fueling & pacing game from the convenience of your home.

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Sounds like you?

Your sweat composition doesn't follow any rules of thumb nor does it fit in any standard tables. During long exercises, especially in warm and hot conditions, you'll probably lose a lot of sweat. Fact: Besides the loss of fluid you'll also lose electrolytes over your sweat. How much? It depends on your individual sweat and sodium profile.

With the sweat pack, we measure the sodium content in your sweat. The analysis is done in our lab in Germany. Over the app, we collect more information related to your sweating behavior, your sweat rate to give you on an individual level the most individual fueling recommendation. - Why? because we only use your own data - not mixed up with any other athletes.

Sweat testing is a well-known and validated method in science to understand more of the very individual needs each individual athlete. Within the Sweat Pack the absorbent patch method is used to collect your sweat. It's the best method to collect your sweat during field testing under real conditions. After you've sent in your sweat sample we prepare them for further analysis in our lab. Did you know sending in your sample is free of charge?

Buying a sweat pack is as easy as it sounds. Just click on the buy button and check out our online shop. A few days you'll receive your personal diagnostic kit to start your test. Currently, we cover the region of Europe including the UK and Switzerland. Your shipping address is not in this region? Just give us a hint before you place the order.

You can register your sweat pack in our app. The easiest way is to scan the QR code with the app. You find the code with the serial number and checksum in the leaflet or on the sticker sheet provided with the sweat pack.


It's all a matter of data

Level up your individual fueling and pacing game.
Taking into account your sweat behaviour, your individual carbohydrate combustion and your sodium loss, the app will be your daily companion to your personal best!

Sweat diagnostics in a nutshell

Learning from your sweat means understanding an important point in the complex picture of your performance. Combine your sweat test results with our app and get the deepest insights into your fueling & pacing. Read more to maximize performance in training and on #raceday.

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Hydration on sweat loss

While training for your #raceday take into account that a sweat loss of more than 2% of your body weight already limits your performance. Create your individual sweat profile and drink within your individual fueling zone.

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Electrolytes, especially sodium, influences your hydration balance, your energy level, heart and brain function and have a preventive effect on hyponatremia. Monitor your sodium loss under various conditions.

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Pacing on carbohydrates

The availability of energy is crucial to perform at your personal best. Did you know that your carbohydrate stores are biologically limited? Pacing on your carbohydrate combustion means not limiting yourself.

Level up your fueling & pacing

Knowing your carbohydrate combustion is good in order to ensure your fueling during training and on raceday. Experts tip: You'll also be able to pace your race knowing your carbohydrate combustion.

To determine your carbohydrate needs youcontains a sprint test to find out your anaerobic capacity as well as a 3 step test to collect information about your VO2max, your threshold power and many more. By sending in your results you will receive a notification in our app with detailed results.

We recommend to test your carbohydrate needs in the beginning of your training cycle, before your main / high intense training phase and as well as you come closer to race day. Perfect timing for last test would be 2-3 weeks before your final raceday.

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Now is time to baseline your personal best.“

Sebastian Kienle
3x IRONMAN® World Champion

More about BESTZEIT?

We believe in your personal best. BESTZEIT was founded in the beautiful black forest in the south-west of Germany in 2017. The brand-name is the german synonym for "personal best". Years of experience in diagnostics, performance analysis and individual sweat testing mixed up with a global network of experts are already changing the status quo. An innovative design thinking culture and a short time to market strategy pushes the development of BESTZEIT and its products in an unstoppable progress. Our promise: You will benefit directly from our new and state of the art training tools. We help you to train smarter and race stronger.

In 2021 BESTZEIT enhanced the already existing partnership with IRONMAN® to provide all the athletes the most precise test results from the convenience of their home.Easily integrated in your daily training routine, we can give you the power to take your health in your own hands and make appropriate lifestyle changes to get you even closer to THAT finish line.

The app supports you in creating your individual sweat profile. Based on that we will create your fueling strategy. Considering your individual energy demand, your race course and your sodium loss, in addition, we will be able to provide you a 100% individual pacing strategy. The app is not another sports or coaching app furthermore it's a new way to sum up your pains in the fourth discipline and break your personal best.