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Fueling and Pacing

Your individual fueling and pacing strategy

To set up your personal fueling and pacing strategy we need three specific data points from you regarding your sweat and your carbohydrate demand:
Sweat loss (1/3)
You track with the BESTZEIT app how much fluid you lose per hour / training session
Sodium loss (2/3)
You determine with the Sweat Pack the amount of salt you lose and how much you have to substitute per liter drinking
Energy demand (3/3)
You figure out with the performance tests how much carbohydrates you have to take in at what power level
We then tell you in the BESTZEIT app in detail how much carbohydrates and salt you should substitute at what point of the race and what pace you should choose to reach you goals.

Pioneers in the artificial intelligence Award winner 2021

We are proud to announce that BESTZEIT won this years artificial-intelligence innovation competition of the ministry for economy, employment and tourism in Baden-Württemberg.

The purpose of this competition was promoting and supporting the acknowledgement and application of artificial intelligence.

We convinced with our AI-intention called "SmartFuel", to provide ambitious amateur athletes eHealth support when it comes to fueling and pacing.

Results, results, results,...

What our athletes say

The team of BESTZEIT is incredibly helpful with questions around the topic 'attaining best times' in training and competition.

Svenja Thoes Pro Triathlet

The sweat analysis helped me to apply the right nutrition strategy for each competition.

Andri Frischknecht Pro Mountainbiker

You can easily see how your values develop through the whole season especially when it comes to different conditions like humility, temperature, ...

Sebastian Kienle Pro Triathlet


Now is the time to train smarter

„Now is the time to tune the details.
Now is the time to baseline your personal best.“

Sebastian Kienle
3x IRONMAN® World Champion