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All features at a glance: Get to know the most important features of the BESTZEIT app to shoot your next races to the moon in terms of quality and finally achieve recognizable results in your target time.

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Everything at a glance

The most important features of BESTZEIT at a glance

Sweat loss tracking

Measure your sweat loss (in liters per hour) during each training session. The more sweat data you collect, the more accurate we can tell you on race day at what temperature how much you will sweat. Regular tracking is important for your fueling strategy.

Nutrilizer: Deposit own nutrition products

For your fueling strategy we not only take into account the products you receive at the stations on race day. You can also store your own products, which are particularly good for you.

Receive individual regeneration recommendations

After each training session, for example, you receive an individual drinking recommendation - depending on training intensity, temperature, ...

Connect your GARMIN Account

Connect GARMIN® Account

Connect your GARMIN® account with your BESTZEIT app to do an eDiagnostic during your next cycling or running session.

Plan your eDiagnostic

Schedule a eDiagnostic on the BIKE or RUN via the BESTZEIT app in your workout calendar (Garmin-Connect) and determine your training zones, VO2max, VLamax and your threshold power - which are all included in your pacing strategy.

Get performance data

After you have completed your eDiagnostic, you will receive a detailed evaluation in the BESTZEIT app. Your results are one of the components of your pacing strategy.

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