How to do your performance assessment from home

October 26th, 2022

DIY performance assessment from home

A professional performance assessment is mandatory to optimize your training and to determine your current personal performance. During performance asessments in the laboratory, your training areas are determined, among other things, which are valuable for continuously and efficiently increasing your training performance. Basically, you can distinguish between two types of performance assessments:

  1. On site, e.g. in a diagnostic laboratory.
  2. At home, using a test protocol.

The results are almost identical. With on-site diagnostics, you usually have the problem that there is no suitable institute or laboratory near you and you have to travel 100 km+. This is very time-consuming and, depending on the frequency, not exactly good for the environment. The performance assessment costs are for most athletes the decisive criterion, which keeps them from several diagnostics per year.

On the other hand, there are DIY diagnostics or so-called eDiagnostics, which can be conveniently integrated into training from home - without long journeys and expensive evaluation costs. Put on your running shoes or get on your bike and head out to your favorite track. All you need is a sports watch and a bike computer.
BESTZEIT eDiagnostics plan & execute

This is how you easily do your performance diagnostics from home

Step 1: Download the BESTZEIT app

Step 2: Connect your BESTZEIT app with your Garmin Connect account

Step 3: Plan your diagnostics in the BESTZEIT app

Step 4: Perform your workout and get the evaluation directly in your app

Download BESTZEIT App in the Appstore now!

Download the BESTZEIT app now and do your performance assessment from home!

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