"It's always about people's dreams. We believe in your personal best and help you to train smarter and race stronger."


Markus Nußbaum


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BESTZEIT is a company founded in 2017 in the southwest of Germany. Our job is to support you from day one until your RACE DAY.

How we intend to do that?

With our service we want to support you personally with your nutritional needs. We have created a product that fills a gap which gets little attention in triathlon, namely proper and beneficial fueling.

Our idea is based on experience that shows the importance of nutrition and hydration in extreme endurance sports. We don't offer you supplements but a refined plan of how you should provide yourself to optimize your performance, not only with nourishment but also fluids.

With our help, you no longer must worry about annoying questions that arise when choosing the right fueling strategy. We'll be happy to do the work for you! Hydration and nutrition are just as important as training and have a significant impact on long-distance competition.

With the further development of our Sweat Pack, the BESTZEIT app and the internationalization of the BESTZEIT brand, we are already reshaping the daily training routine of many athletes. Innovative remote diagnostic services are setting new impulses in the everyday training of many athletes.

Through technology, we make these services very easy and accessible to every athlete at home. Long-term and healthy performance development starts with an individual and well-thought-out diagnostic concept.

Under the slogan: Your home. Your lab. - we were able to lay important foundations for solid growth in the last few months with over 85,000 sweat packs produced, a physical presence at all IRONMAN events in Europe and a small portion of courage.


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