Drag value CdA - This is your CdA

July, 06th 2022

Why your CdA will bring you more than investing another 1,000 euros in your bike.

The CdA is your drag value. The CdA (Coefficient of drag times frontal surfaces areas) is the value of the air resistance, which an athlete offers to the wind by e.g. his seat position, helmet, .... Decisive factors are obviously the physique and the size of the athlete - i.e. the area you face the wind. What many athletes do not know: Humidity and air pressure also play a role.
For rather petite or small athletes with, for example, slender arms and short legs, the CdA is lower than for a tall athlete with long legs. You should approximately reach the following CdA if you are tall enough:

  • 200 cm - 0.26
  • 190 cm - 0.25
  • 180 cm - 0,24
  • 170 cm - 0.22
  • 160 cm - 0.21
  • 150 cm - 0.2

Why do aerodynamics play such a crucial role?

Improving your aerodynamics and your aerodynamic seating situation is worth investing in, because the longer your race goes, the greater the impact will be. The advantage of a good seating position is undeniable and will be especially noticeable for you on flat courses and in crosswinds. On routes with a lot of uphill and downhill, this advantage will quickly dissolve into thin air, as the aerodynamic advantage is already reduced by half at an incline of about 2 percent.

Determine CdA and improve aerodynamics

There are various ways to determine your CdA yourself. With a short Internet search you will come across various calculators, which provide you with a brief impression of where you are moving with your CdA. In order to get a reliable value, however, you should go with your bike into the wind tunnel, so that your seating position is also taken into account. As always: If you want to improve your CdA, you have to work on it continuously.

Your fueling & pacing strategy will also take into account your CdA value, which means that on race day you will receive a strategy with recommendations - based on your CdA, among other things - on how to feed yourself and how to pace yourself. All information about how Fueling & Pacing works for you can be found here.

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