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Hydration - sweat profile

What is my individual sweat profile?

If there is a major, unbalanced sweat loss, your blood volume decreases. The blood becomes more viscous and the oxygen transport to your muscles is reduced. Already from a sweat loss of more than 2% of your body weight, your body therefore limits its performance.

Depending on the type of sport, indoor or outdoor and under very warm conditions, your sweat flow can be up to 4 liters per hour.

We will take all the parameters into account to get the most individual support as possible. In our App you can figure out your individual sweat profile.

Sodium Loss - Sweat Pack

What is the sweat pack?

With our sweat diagnostic kit, the Sweat Pack, you can easily analyze your sweat during your workout.

The composition of sweat varies from athlete to athlete. Sweat consists of 99% water and is primarily used for thermoregulation. Sodium is dissolved in it and is the most important electrolyte in the context of substitution.

The sodium content varies between 200mg and 2300mg per liter of sweat.

The basis of the Sweat Pack is a scientifically validated method which was designed for sweat analysis in the field and further developed by us.

You can get your own Sweat Pack here.

How can I integrate my results in the app?

An integration screen in the app is coming soon. Just type in your values and we will use them in the background for our calculations.

No time to wait? No problem. Just send us an email. We will directly integrate your results.

How does the sweat diagnostic kit work?

In your sweat kit you can find a flyer with further instructions about wich steps you should pass to get your personal sweat analysis. For more details you can take a look in our 'How to use the sweat kit'.

What is the best time for testing?

We recommend to test at the beginning of your training cycle before your main / high intense training phase as you come closer to race day.

The perfect timing for your last test would be 2-3 weeks before your final raceday.

Why should I do a Sweat Pack?

In short: If you don't take in sodium during your race, your sodium loss can cause you to lose a lot of power and time towards the end of the race. With the Sweat Pack you will get the information when you have to take in which amount of sodium.

Carbohydrate combustion - eDiagnostics

What is an eDiagnostic?

With our eDiagnostics BIKE and RUN we can determine your performance data, such as:

  • VO2max
  • VLamax
  • training zones
  • Carbohydrate & fat curve
  • Threshold power
The eDiagnostic is then easily connected to your sports watch or bike computer in the BESTZEIT app. After performing the eDiagnostic, you will receive your results in the BESTZEIT app.
Why should I do an eDiagnostic?

In short: If you don't take in carbohydrates during your race you lose a lot of power and time towards the end of the race.

With our eDiagnostics we can elaborate your individual pacing strategy for race day. You will get the information when you have to take in which amount of carbohydrates.

You will get even better fueling recommendations based on your real values by easily integrating the test into your training to determine your individual carbohydrate requirements.

I have several eDiagnostics scheduled. Which one should I use?

In order for us to correctly assign your eDiagnostic, you must always perform the workout currently pushed on your device.

What is the carbohydrate combustion?

Your carbohydrate combustion is the connection between your recommended carbohydrate intake and your power output, depending on your training level, your current threshold, VO2max and much more.

We can show you how much carbohydrates you'll need aligned to your current power output.

For your raceday, we will create a 100% customized fueling and pacing strategy based on your own and individual data.

Why should I know my carbohydrate combustion?

Knowing your carbohydrate combustion is useful in order to ensure your fueling during training and on raceday. Every second athlete is using the wrong nutrition and hydration strategy because they simply follow rules of thumb.

A carbohydrate test is the first step towards an individually adapted nutrition plan.
It's simple: if you know how much you burn, you know what to substitute.

BESTZEIT Experts tip: You'll also be able to pace your race knowing your carbohydrate combustion.

What is the best time for the eDiagnostic?

We recommend to do your eDiagnostic at the beginning of your training cycle before your main / high intense training phase as you come closer to race day.

The perfect timing for your last eDiagnostic would be 2-3 weeks before your final raceday.

How can I optimize my carbohydrate combustion?

In order for us to determine your carbohydrate needs we ask your to perform an eDiagnostic to find out your anaerobic capacity as well as a 3 step test to collect information about your VO2max, your threshold power and many more metrics. After you have performed your eDiagnostic in the app, we analyze them and you receive a notification in the app with detailed results.

Fueling & Pacing - Fueling & Pacing strategy

How do you support me with a pacing strategy?

In our Basic, Medium and Pro Plan we provide you with personalized fueling & pacing strategies that are also adapted to race conditions such as course profile and climate, so you can get everything out of yourself without hunger pangs and cramps.

How do you develop my personalized Fueling & Pacing strategy?

Based on your sweat profile and Sweat Pack & eDiagnostic results, we will develop a fueling & pacing strategy tailored to you for each of your races.

How do I use the fueling & pacing strategy in competition?
  1. Start the triathlon activity as usual
  2. Lap button after swim split for transition
  3. Lap button after transition to start the bike split
  4. Start the Navigation on the Edge as you did in the race already
  5. Lap button after bike split for transition
  6. Lap button to start run split
  7. While the run activity, go to run settings (typically hold the middle button on the left side) and scroll down to 'Navigation'. The 'Courses' and there your select the file we gave you. It will get loaded. Then you start it. In the background your triathlon activity still runs. But now you have a navigation alongside.
  8. Stop button when triathlon is done!

BESTZEIT App - Your companion

Is it really free?

In each of our plans or after registration you have 30 days to use the BESTZEIT app free of charge and to test all functions.

Depending on your needs, we offer additional services - among others plans, e.g. the PRO plan, where you only have to take care of the training, we take care of the catering.

How can the App help me?

The app supports you with your fueling & pacing. The basis for this is your sweat profile and your Sweat Pack & eDiagnostics results. From this, we develop a fueling & pacing strategy tailored to you for each of your races.

Is my data safe?

BESTZEIT is a company in the Southwest of Germany. We are subject to german data protection regulations.

Plans & Pricing - Our service

I have a competition coming up - what plan should I choose?

You're awesome! Great that you want to optimize your performance based on your individual data before your next race.

We would love to have you as a part of our BESTZEIT world. Just choose your monthly or yearly plan in our Plans & Pricing section.

You haven't already downloaded the BESTZEIT App on your smartphone?