How does BESTZEIT help me with my Fueling & Pacing?

June 22nd, 2022

Fueling & Pacing - very easy and implementable for every athlete

Which athlete doesn't know it: At the beginning, I step on the gas so that I'm well on time and everything will go well at the end. Or also: Rationing with rules of thumb will be fine, after all, my body has no individual needs. Even if these two cases seem very contrived at first, they both make clear a central problem of every athlete. Due to a wrong approach (especially at the first competitions), goals remain unachieved and one has to pay a few years of apprenticeship money. In order to reach one's goals in a competition - and IRONMAN® says that only every second athlete achieves this - it is necessary to prepare for the competition in a targeted and structured manner. The focus should be especially on the questions of fueling & pacing.

What is Fueling & Pacing?

How do I fuel myself optimally? When should I drink? How should I optimally plan my competition? We provide answers to these questions with our fueling and pacing approach.

Why? Because we believe that every athlete can be provided with an individual fueling strategy.

We want you to be able to make a mental checkmark on the topic of nutrition for yourself. We integrate what already works for you in the context of catering into your individual catering strategy on competition day.

We take advantage of technological advances in endurance sports.

The Fueling & Pacing Strategy is the final construct that comes from knowing your fluid and sodium needs, as well as energy expenditure and performance limits.

While two decades ago heart rate with a calorie consumption derived from it was still super, nowadays you can hardly get around GPS & power data. Inclines and declines, even the wind direction and speed can be taken into account nowadays. These details, with the resulting recommendations for food and speed, can ultimately decide the qualification, personal best times or even the finish.

How Fueling and Pacing works for you

Your individual fueling and pacing strategy is based on 3 essential building blocks

1. sweat loss: good hydration is the basic requirement

2. sodium concentration: basic building block for energy absorption and prevention of cramps

3. carbohydrate consumption: sufficient carbohydrates are crucial for a good race

Building block 1: Your sweat loss

To achieve optimal results in your training and competition, you should already know how much you should drink before the training session.

Your sweat loss depends on many different factors such as temperature, training intensity and duration. In addition to the pure fluid loss, your salt loss through sweat also has an influence on the absorption of your supplied energy, for example.

Before and after each session, we therefore give you specific food recommendations that will help you to achieve your maximum performance and to regenerate in the best possible way.

Building block 2: Your sodium concentration

The composition of sweat varies from athlete to athlete. Sweat consists of 99% water and is primarily used for thermoregulation. Sodium is dissolved in it and is the most important electrolyte in the context of substitution. The sodium content varies between 200mg and 2300mg per liter of sweat and varies with increasing fitness level.

The basis of the Sweat Pack is a scientifically validated method which was designed for sweat analysis in the field and further developed by us.

Building block 3: Your carbohydrate demand

Because the amount of energy you have stored in the form of carbohydrates in muscle & liver glycogen is limited, the topic of training design and race scheduling is always accompanied by the topic of food & energy consumption.

How does BESTZEIT determine your performance data for your Fueling & Pacing strategy?

For your individual Fueling & Pacing strategy, we determine your performance data and parameters with our app, the Sweat Pack and the eDiagnostics. You want to know how we do it exactly? Then take a look here and learn how Fueling & Pacing works for you in a simple and easy way.

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