Background to your sodium loss

With each Sweat Pack you will find detailed instructions for use. If you still have questions, you can find more information here.

Your sodium concentration

What to do with your value

What does the value say and why should I know my sodium loss?
The spectrum of salt concentrations in the sweat of athletes measured so far ranges from 200-2300mg/l sweat - depending on intensity, individual paramaters, outdoor temperature, ...

If you lose more than 3500mg of sodium, symptoms of weakness and muscle cramps will appear. If you lose more than 5000mg, you may experience increased tendency to collapse, severe muscle cramps, dizziness and vomiting. Fortunately, you can counteract these symptoms relatively easily if you continuously supply yourself with sodium during intense effort.

As example: If your value is 790 mg/l you should - simply said - intake 790 mg sodium with 1 liter fluid or substitute 790 mg with bars or gels after losing 1 liter of sweat.

How can I integrate my sodium value into the app?

If you already have registered an account in our mobile app you only have to start the app and look at the dashboard. There you should find the tile 'SWEAT PACK' with a corresponding button 'Add SWEAT PACK'. After pushing on the button a new view appears where you can enter your 'serial sumber' which begins with the letters 'SP-'. When you have entered your serial number you have to push again on the “Add SWEAT PACK” button. Now you should see your Sodium concentration in the Dashboard of the app. If you haven't download our app, you can do it here.

How does the BESTZEIT App continuously support me at that?