How to use
Sweat Pack

With each Sweat Pack you will find detailed instructions for use. If you still have questions, you can find more information here.

Improve your personal bestin a few simple steps

Learn how it works

Step 1:

Clean & desinfect

Before your training: Wash your hands with soap and clean your forearm with the supplied desinfectant patches.

Step 2:

Apply patches

Stick the absorbent patch on your right forearm and remove the foil.

Step 3:

Train at least 1 hour

Now you should train (cycling or running) for at least 1 hour with high intensity - equal to your race intensity so that you sweat enough


Step 4:

Remove patches

After your training: Peel the patch on the short side and roll it, avoiding contact with the absorbant part of the patch.

Important: The absorbant part of the patch with your sweat should be on the outer side of the Role.

Step 5:

Secure patches

Remove the plug of the tube and insert the patch (from STEP 3). Roll it slightly. We need your sweat. Close the tube with the plug and use the "transport seal" (A) to secure the plug.


Step 6:

Close the package and send it to us

Put the filled tube in the box and secure the box with the provided stickers (B). Stick the sticker with your SWEAT-ID and the QR-Code (C) on the outside of the box.

Stick your free return label on the box and bring the package to the next parcel store.

Step 7:

Register the pack

To get your shipment label register your sweat diagnostic kit on our website with your SWEAT-ID or with the QR-Code in our App. You can find your individual SWEAT PACK-ID above the QR-Code on the black sticker in your sweat diagnostic kit.

Step 8:

Get results

A few days after sending us your results you will receive an email or get a notification in our App.
You can download the App in your Appstore.



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