Instructions eDiagnostic: That's how BESTZEIT determines your performance data

March 30th, 2022

This is how BESTZEIT determines your performance data

Are you wondering which performance test BESTZEIT can use to achieve equivalent results to laboratory diagnostics? Take a look at the exact procedure of BESTZEIT eDiagnostics below. It is important that the sprint & rest phases are adhered to - so that BESTZEIT receives valid data for evaluation and further recommendations. If you perform your eDiagnostics with the BESTZEIT app, you will receive the instructions directly on your power meter or sports watch.

Instructions of the eDiagnostic

What you require depends on what kind of test you purchased – RUN or BIKE. Because the test is easily integrable into your daily training routine, you do not need something special: just the following equipment: 






powermeter / smarttrainer 

sports watch 
(Garmin, Polar, …) 



running shoes 


You will receive a test protocol after purchase, which describes in detail what you have to do. The day of training you should be properly regenerated. There are no predefined watt measurements as with the ramp or stage test, you proceed like this: 

  1. Warm Up: minimum 15 min 
  2. 2 min passive break 
  3. Maximum sprint for 16 to 24 seconds 
  4. 20 min easy pedalling / running
  5. Maximum power for 3 minutes 
  6. 20 min easy pedalling / running
  7. Maximum power for 6 minutes 
  8. 20 min easy pedalling / running
  9. Maximum power for 12 minutes 
  10. Cool Down

During this procedure, your powermeter or your sports watch records the measurements we need for the calculations such as power (watts) or pace (km/h). Additionally we`ll need values such as body weight, body fat percentage, age and height. 


The only thing you have to pay attention to is that you keep to the sprint and rest phases. Have fun performing your eDiagnostics - you will receive the evaluation in your BESTZEIT app, already after showering!

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