Identify training zones and finally achieve goals in triathlon

May 11th, 2022

Identify training areas and finally achieve triathlon goals

Knowing and understanding your individual training zones is the most important basic element for all your competitions in which you compete. Your training zones are lagely responsible for targeted training control and a long-term build-up of your form. By consciously training in the appropriate training zone, you will quickly notice the desired effects and therefore be able to improve in a timely manner.

Why can't I just train and should instead pay attention to my training zones?

Actually, it's quite simple: Planless training = Planless competition results. The big goal of structured and targeted competition preparation in your training sessions is to continuously improve your overall physical condition. The body reacts to each training session with an adaptation process and adapts bit by bit to the new performance level. Different training and loading methods trigger different adaptation processes. Therefore, a certain amount of variety through different training blocks (and also rest periods) is absolutely necessary.
If you want to improve your fat metabolism, this improvement process is based on different training routines than if you want to lower your VLamax - at least in theory. Your different training zones represent exactly these different load levels and there are effective training methods for each zone.
With some practice and exposure to your training zones, it is relatively easy and quick to perform effective workouts. As a summary of the training zones and possible forms of training, we have created a short overview for you here:


Training zone


Training methods


  • Enhancing well-being
  • Health promotion
  • Relaxed endurance training

Aerobic basic endurance

  • Fat metabolism
  • Improvement of aerobic fat metabolism
  • Continuous method over 1 hour
  • Fasting training

Advanced basic endurance

  • Increase basic speed
  • Aerobic / anearobic transition
  • Intensive continuous method
  • Change of pace / driving game


  • Competition-specific endurance & tempo toughness
  • Tempo endurance running, tempo change method
  • Sweet Spot Training


  • Speed development
  • Improvement Threshold Speed
  • Improvement VO2max & VLamax
  • supra-threshold intervals
  • short breaks

Peak zone

  • Improvement of maximum power
  • Lactate tolerance
  • Improvement of aerobic fat metabolism
  • High-intensity intervals

How do I determine my training areas?

It's actually quite simple. All you need is the appropriate sports equipment such as a cycling computer or a sports watch - it is important that it is a GPS-enabled device. Then it's really just a matter of switching on the device and getting started.

You want to determine your training zones as quickly and easily as possible? On the way to your fueling & pacing strategy, we determine your training zones with our eDiagnostics. Download the BESTZEIT app and get started!

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